Andrew B’s Look Back At The World Heavyweight Title In 2011

Hi everyone Andrew B here to take a look at the World Heavyweight title this time. What a year it was as we saw Christian and others win the title for the first time. We got to see many classic matches with Orton vs. Christian and Edge vs. Del Rio. We also had the matches we wanted to end like Mark Henry vs. Big Show. So let’s not waste any time and take a look back in time.

The year started with Edge as World Champion after winning a fatal four way TLC match in December 2010. His first title defense was on the 1/7/11 Smackdown when he defeated Kane in a 20 minute last man standing match. Edge would then have a good 20 minute opening match at the Royal Rumble when he pinned Dolph Ziggler after a spear. Edge would then team with Kelly Kelly in a 3 on 2 handicap match for the World Title against Ziggler & LayCool from Long Island, NY on the 2/4/11 Smackdown. After ten minutes of action Kelly speared Layla for the victory so Edge could retain his title. The next week on 2/11/11 Edge defended the title vs. Ziggler and won after Clay Matthews from the Green Bay Packers made the three count. On the 2/18/11 Smackdown Edge was stripped of the title by Vickie Guerrero and she gave the belt to Ziggler. Teddy Long then gives Edge a title shot later that night and Edge wins the title back less than two hours after he lost it. Edge would then defend the title at the Elimination Chamber PPV in February defeating Kane, Wade Barrett, Rey Mysterio, Big Show and Drew McIntyre in an Elimination Chamber match. Edge would then defend the title in his last match against Alberto Del Rio in the opener at Wrestlemania 27.

Edge would then retire shortly due to back injuries and vacated the title. Del Rio was already a number one contender so a battle royal was held on the 4/15/11 Smackdown that Christian won. Christian would then win his first World Title defeating Del Rio in a ladder match. He would then lose it on 5/6/2011 to Randy Orton, 5 days after he won it (2 because it was taped). Orton’s next two title defenses were successful against Christian at Over the Limit in May and on 6/3/11 Smackdown vs. Sheamus. At Capital Punishment in June Orton defeated Christian after 15 exciting minutes. At Money in the Bank in July Christian won the title for the 2nd time after Orton was disqualified in a match where Orton would lose the title by disqualification. Christian would then lose the title a month later at Summerslam; Orton would then retain the title against Christian in a steel cage match on a live 8/30/11 Smackdown. Orton would then defend the title against Mark Henry at Night Of Champions. Henry would win his first world title after 13 minutes. He would then defeat Orton on 10/2/11 at the Hell In A Cell PPV in a HIAC match. Henry would then defend the title against Big Show at Vengeance on 10/23/11 but the match ended in a no contest after a Superplex broke the ring and the match was ruled a no contest. At Survivor Series Mark Henry and Big Show battled again that saw Show win by disqualification that saw Mark Henry retain his title. On the 11/29/11 Special Live SmackDown Mark Henry retained the title by pinning Daniel Bryan in a steel cage match. At TLC Big Show won the title from Mark Henry in a chairs match only to get attacked by Henry after the match. This would lead to Daniel Bryan cashing in his MITB briefcase to win the World Heavyweight Championship.

Champions of 2011:

Dolph Ziggler (1) – less then 2 hours

Edge (2) – started as champion and then won it again

Christian (2) – once was 5 days and the other a month

Randy Orton (2)

Mark Henry (1) – his first time

Big Show (1) – held it for less than 2 minutes

Daniel Bryan (1)


What a year it was for people who won the World Title. There were sad reigns like Christian’s 5 days as champion and then there were bad reigns like Ziggler for less than 2 hours and Big Show for less than 2 minutes. It was nice to see Mark Henry, Daniel Bryan & Christian wins their first world titles while Edge held his last. Orton had nice reigns with great matches and was a good champion and it will be interesting as Daniel Bryan leads us into the New Year.

That’s all folks until Next Time and remember wrestling is a sport not sports entertainment.


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