Andrew B Looks At The WWE & TNA Tag Team Titles In 2011

Hi guys Andrew B here to take a look at the WWE Tag Team Titles in 2011. We saw some good matches like Air Boom vs. Ziggler & Swagger from Hell in a Cell and then there were the tag matches with David Otunga. The year was not a good year for the tag teams but towards the summer of 2011 things got better. The only way to find out is to find out what happened continue reading but here is a hint BOOM.

The year started with Vladimir Kozlov & Santino Marella as tag champions after they won the titles in December 2010. They would hold the titles until the Elimination Chamber PPV when they lost to Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel. On the 2/21/11 Raw they lost the titles to John Cena and Miz. The Corre then used their rematch clause and won the titles back less than 30 minutes later. On the 4/22/11 SmackDown Slater and Gabriel lost the titles to Big Show and Kane. On the 4/29/11 SmackDown Show and Kane retained the titles against Slater and Gabriel. They then defeated Wade Barrett and Ezekiel Jackson in a lumberjack match at Extreme Rules in May. At Over the Limit 2010 Kane & Big Show defeated Mason Ryan & CM Punk to retain their titles. The next night on the 5/23/11 Raw Kane & Show lost the titles to David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty. On the 7/29/11 SmackDown they defeated the Usos to retain their tag titles. On the 8/22/11 Raw they lost the title to the team of Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne who are known as Air Boom. On the 8/29/11 Air Boom defended the title sucsessfully against David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty. Air Boom would then defeat Awesome Truth by disqualification at Night of Champions in September. In October at Hell in a Cell and then later that month at Vengeance Air Boom defeated Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler at both events. On 11/1/11 Evan Bourne was suspended for 30 days but Air Boom is still champions. At TLC Air Boom defeated Primo & Epico to retain their titles.

WWE Tag Team Champions in 2011:

Vladimir Kozlov & Santino Marella (1) – started as champions

Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater (2)

Miz & John Cena (1) – held the title for less than 30 minutes

Kane & Big Show (1)

David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty (1)

Air Boom (1)


The year was not that good for tag wrestling as even though 6 teams won the titles teams like Kane & Big Show and Cena & Miz are not real teams while teams like Otunga & McGillicutty were not a good team wrestling wise. Slater & Gabriel and Marella & Kozlov were teams that were hot in 2010 but not as much as 2011 as they were gone pretty much from the title picture after May. The team of Air Boom is making tag team wrestling have a comeback so be on the lookout for them as they feud with Epico & Primo.

Now let’s switch companies and look at the TNA tag titles. We saw the one of the greatest TNA tag teams ever split between Beer Money. We also saw the MCMG on the shelve for a while and the end of Ink Inc. So as you can see WWE had the better year in tag team wrestling but not by much. There were good things though so keep reading and try to find the good stuff as it is like looking for Waldo.

The year started with Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin who are the Motor City Machine Guns as tag champions after winning the titles at Victory Road 2010 in July 2010. They would lose the titles to Robert Roode and James Storm, known as Beer Money in a great match at Genesis 2011 in January. On the 1/13/11 Impact the MCMG cashed in their rematch clause but Beer Money would pull out a victory again. At Victory Road in March Beer Money defeated Ink Inc to retain their titles. At Sacrifice in May of 2011 Beer Money retained their titles by defeating Matt Hardy and “Wildcat” Chris Harris. On the 5/19/11 Impact Immortal attacked Beer Money and Fortune injuring Robert Roode. On the 6/2/11 Impact Eric Bischoff tried to strip Beer Money if the titles because Roode was hurt but a replacement partner was found in Alex Shelley. At Slammiversary in June Shelley and Storm defeated British Invasion to stay champions until Roode returned on 6/23/11. At Hardcore Justice the title reign continued as Beer Money defeated Mexican America. On the 8/18/11 Impact Beer Money lost the titles to Mexican America. At No Surrender in September Mexican America defeated the team of Devon and The Pope. At Bound for Glory Mexican America defeated the team of Jesse Neal and Shannon Moore known as Ink Inc. At Turning Point in a six person tag Sarita, Hernandez and Anarquia defeated Shannon Moore, Jesse Neal and Toxxin which allowed Mexican America to remain tag team champions. Then on the 11/17/11 Impact they lost the titles to Crimson and Matt Morgan. On the 11/24/11 Crimson and Matt Morgan defeated Mexican America in a rematch to retain their titles. At Final Resolution Crimson & Matt Morgan defeated Devon and The Pope.

TNA Tag Champions in 2011:

Motor City Machine Guns (1) – started the year as champions

Beer Money (1) – was the longest reign in TNA Tag title history

Mexican America (1)

Crimson & Matt Morgan (1)


I found tag team wrestling in TNA better then WWE this year but not by much. The year started out strong with MCMG, Beer Money & Mexican America being champs and all having good reigns. Crimson & Morgan are a good team also as I like how they are working together but a heel turn for one is very predictable. It would have been nice if Ink Inc won the title this year especially at Bound For Glory. In 2012 Tag team wrestling in TNA will decline as the only teams they have are Joe & Magnus, Crimson & Moran & Mexican America as those are the only teams that come to mind right now.

Until the next time we meet remember it takes two to tag team as well as two to tango.


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