Norman Knox:Stormin’s RAW Review For 1/23/12


Hey everybody It’s The Stormin One here once again with the Raw Recap. First off I wanna say sorry to all my readers for not having a Recap up last week. So without further to do here is Stormin’s Raw Recap.

CM Punk starts tonight’s show by coming to the ring and says Dolph Ziggler may claim to have beaten him three times, but John Laurinaitis handed them to him. Punk says John is the special referee at the Royal Rumble, but he is a loser and he has already said this to his face so he knows John won’t be impartial. Punk says he may be screwed already, but he also knows it is hard to ref a match with two broken arms, so the ball is in his court. He tells John to come to the ring and show he has the balls to say everything he said last week to his face. Punk says he gave him a chance so now he will go find him in the back, but John Cena comes out to the ring and cuts him off.

Punk says he was looking for a company guy, and he meant the other John, but Cena tells him to shut up because he is out there for business. Cena says he wants John to make things right after screwing Zack Ryder out of his United States title, and he also wants a match against Kane tonight. He says he will still face Kane on Sunday, and he finally wants John to resign as GM of RAW, but Punk asks what good is will do by him saying all of that, eventhough the fans want it. John Laurinaitis makes his way to the ramp and says he is not intimidated by either of them and he will stand by what he said last week. He says he apologized to Zack, but he is here tonight and is medically cleared so he will have a Falls Count Anywhere match with Kane. John tells Cena if he gets involved Zack will never get another rematch, then makes an impromptu tag match for Punk and Cena.

Vickie Guerrero makes her way and introduces new United States Champion Jack Swagger and future WWE Champion Dolph Ziggler, then Dolph tells Punk to forget about John. Dolph says he is the one Punk should worry about, then tells him that he will flat out beat him like the past three weeks. Swagger takes the mic and says Cena is going to pay for what he did last week, and tells him he is dead meat as they make their way down to the ring. John Cena & CM Punk vs Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler (w/ Vickie Guerrero)

Cena locks up with Dolph then avoids a right hand and hits a bulldog for two, then tags in Punk who snapmares Dolph over and kicks him in the back. Punk goes for an early GTS, but Dolph slides out and rolls to the floor to talk with Swagger as we go to a commercial break. When we return, Dolph fights out of a headlock then makes the tag to Swagger, and he pounds on Cena in the corner until the ref calls for a corner break. Dolph takes a cheap shot then Swagger puts him in a front facelock, but Cena backdrops him to break the hold and Dolph gets the tag and dropkicks Cena. He drops several quick elbows then does some sit ups and gets a two count, then throws Cena in the corner and kicks him in the stomach before the ref pulls him back.

Swagger kicks Cena while the ref is turned, then he tags in and hits a Swagger Bomb for a two count before putting Cena in a bearhug on the ground. Cena makes it to his feet and hits an Attitude Adjustment out of nowhere, then struggles but dives and makes the tag and Punk dives in and hits a springboard clothesline. He follows with a high knee lift and a bulldog, then goes for a GTS but Dolph slides out so Punk kicks him in the head for a two count. Swagger tries to get involved but Cena chases him out to the floor and counters Swagger’s Ankle Lock and sweeps his legs. Punk tries to go up top but John Laurinaitis jumps on the apron and tells him to get down, then Punk shoves him off the apron but ends up getting rolled up from behind by Dolph.

Winners – Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler

Punk tells John that this doesn’t change anything between them, and John plans on screwing him but Punk still plans on beating the hell out of him. He says John took a liking to Dolph and is doing him favors, but Punk wants him to do him a favor and do something he has never done before. Punk tells him to be a WWE Superstar for one night and face him in a match tonight, then John takes some time to think about it and accepts the challenge.

Chris Jericho comes out for an episode of the Highlight Reel, then motions for the fans to quiet down and does the same silent schtick as he has been doing. He tells everyone to hold on for a moment then runs to the back and comes back out with a t-shirt cannon and gets the fans to cheer for the shirt. Jericho goes back and forth with the gun then takes a video camera and goes around the ring with it before giving it back and shushing the fans again. He points to the Jeritron and plays a career highlight clip, then (finally!) says this Sunday at Royal Rumble, it will be the end of the world as you know it, then poses as the lights go out.

Zack Ryder is talking with Eve when Mick Foley comes up to him and asks how he is doing because he knows how much of a monster Kane is. Zack says he is OK and Foley tells him to be careful, then Eve tries to talk him out of the match eventhough he is cleared to compete. John Cena walks over to them and says he heard what John Laurinaitis said earlier about getting involved, but he will have his back. Zack stops him and tells him not to get involved because he wants his title rematch and tells him to stay out of it and heads to the ring.

Falls Count Anywhere

Zack Ryder vs Kane

Zack leaps at Kane and punches him in the corner, but Kane throws him back and kicks him off apron and into the announcer’s table. Kane follows him out and hits him in the ribs, then kicks him and rams him into the ringpost. Kane bodyslams him on the floor then turns around and throws him headfirst into the steps and starts to kick him. Eve ends up coming to ringside while Kane slams Ryder back first into the announcer’s table as we go to a commercial break.

Kane is still in control when we get back and he throws Zack into the barricade and ring apron, then pulls him over and drops him on the ring steps. Zack kicks out of a pin attempt so Kane chokes him and throws him into the crowd before picking him up and dropping him with a hard right hand. Kane picks up Zack and throws him into some sound equipment, and Zack makes a brief comeback by hitting Kane in the back with a briefcase. Kane shakes it off and knocks Zack back down, then he drags him onto the stage and throws him headfirst into the WWE logo near the ramp. Zack kicks out of another pin attempt so Kane kicks him in the ribs and headbutts him, then goes right back after the ribs and Zack looks to be out of it.

Kane picks him up and Zack throws a few defensive punches, but Kane hits him with a right hand then chokeslams him through the stage. The referee jumps in the hole and checks on Zack as Eve runs up to check, but Kane turns around and chases her down to the ring. Kane stops when he sees John Cena appear at the entrance and leaves through the crowd, then Eve runs back up the ramp and watches as Zack is loaded onto a backboard and gurney then taken to the hospital. Eve and Cena follow them out to the ambulance, and Cena tells him to hang in there but Eve tells him that he has done enough then leaves in the ambulance. Josh Mathews walks up behind Cena and says he must feel terrible about this, but Cena just slaps the mic of out his hand and turns to the camera and looks really pissed off.

Result – No Contest

Jinder Mahal vs Sheamus

Jinder corners Sheamus and hits some knees in the corner but Sheamus comes back with some right hands and a bodyslam for a two count. Wade Barrett makes his way out to ringside as Sheamus ties Jinder in the ropes and punches him in the chest, then stares at Wade as he goes up top. Jinder knocks him down and hits a running knee for a two count, then applies a chinlock variation but Sheamus makes it to his feet and hits some forearm shots. Sheamus knocks him down a few times then hits a rolling senton, then goes for a Celtic Cross and Jinder slides out, but Sheamus turns right around and hits a Brogue Kick for the win. Wade teases getting in the ring but leaves and says Sheamus is a cheap shot artist, but Sheamus tells him that he is looking at the winner of the Royal Rumble.

Winner – Sheamus

Josh Mathews is in the back with Miz and says he will finally face his former friend R-Truth, but Miz says they have seen what happens when people cross him. He says they get fired and hurt, and he is going to take care of Truth then win the Royal Rumble and main event Wrestlemania two years in a row. Miz goes on a rant but Truth walks over and says the only thing people think about is what else is on TV when Miz is on. Truth says he is a number one jackass and they argue back and forth, then John Laurinaitis walks over and says he heard enough and whoever loses their match will be the first entrant in the Royal Rumble.

Brodus Clay vs Heath Slater

Slater runs the ropes and Brodus hits a shoulder block, then Slater complains to the ref and dropkicks Brodus when he runs the ropes. Brodus shakes it off and hits him back, then connects with a release overhead suplex and hits the Funk It for the win.

Winner – Brodus Clay

Miz vs R-Truth

Miz punches Truth in the corner then gets tossed outside and Truth hits Miz and rolls him in but Miz kicks him on the way in and stomps him then taunts then fans. Truth tackles him and throws a few punches but Miz comes back with a suplex on the ropes then runs the ropes and hits a shoulder block that sends him to the floor. Truth is in control after a commercial, and he clotheslines Miz a few times then rolls him up for a two count then drops him with a sit out suplex. Miz avoids an axe kick and hits a neckbreaker/backbreaker combo, then waits for Truth to get up and signals for a Skull Crushing Finale. Truth ducks it and throws him off the ropes but Miz hits a DDT for two, then Miz punches Truth in the head until the ref pulls him away and Truth jumps up and hits him with What’s Up to win.

Winner – R-Truth

John Laurinaitis is shown warming up in his office when he gets a letter from David Otunga, and he asks if it can wait but Otunga tells him to look at it now. CM Punk makes his entrance and waits for John Laurinaitis, and he finally comes out with David Otunga and says he has some news before they continue. John says the Board of Directors sent him a fax, and Otunga reads it and it says the board is troubled by his recent actions to openly favor Dolph Ziggler at the Royal Rumble. He says John will be under review as interim General Manager and will have a formal interview next week, and it will be conducted by HHH.

John tries to explain things, but Punk cuts him off and says all it means it if he screws Punk he will be out of a job and he will still get his ass kicked. John says the board is correct and he wants to apologize to everyone, but Punk says it must all be an understanding just like not letting Mick Foley in the Royal Rumble. He tells Punk he always planned on calling his title match down the middle, and he only said what he did because he was angry and tries to reason with him. Punk says John is like a spoiled little girl who only behaves around Christmas, and he hopes HHH comes back and says he’s fired just like Vince would. John tells him that things will work themselves out and says their match won’t take place but he has a suitable replacement in David Otunga.

Otunga blindsides Punk and hits him but Punk comes back and beats on him and puts him in the Anaconda Vice then gets up and stares John down. He turns and kicks Otunga in the stomach and head, and John asks for a handshake but Punk pulls him in and knocks him out with a GTS. Punk pounds his chest and celebrates but Dolph Ziggler runs in from behind and attacks him, then stands over him and stares at him laying on the mat as RAW comes to a close.

Well folks that is the Stormin Raw recap for this week please follow me on twitter @STORMINNORMAN90 and please continue reading my reviews of RAW



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