Andrew B:Laying The Smackdown For 1/20/12

Hi everybody Andrew B is here to cover Friday Night Smack Down. On this week’s show Daniel Bryan will defend the World Title against Mark Henry. Also Wade Barrett will meet Sheamus in a match as well. Plus hopefully we will find out how AJ is doing. This week is a Special Sin City Smack Down so this review is going to be done in a new Special format so let me know what you think of it as we start right now. I will split the show into the Good & the ugly so let’s start with the Good.

  1. Daniel Bryan is Awesome in His New Role:

I love the new role Daniel Bryan is in as he plays a cocky heel and can be compared to Austin Aries in TNA as they are both cocky heels that use their wrestling ability to make fans realize that they are great wrestlers and should be cheered. His opening promo was great as he played a cocky heel and even said he is not afraid of Mark Henry or Big Show and that Big Show should quit after ending AJ’s career. Later in the show he continued his awesomeness by leaving when a huge brawl erupted during the main event. He also said to Teddy Long at the end of the show “What’s next Teddy, a match on the moon” what a classic line as I like Bryan as a cocky heel and see only good things out of it to come in the future.

  1. Cody Rhodes vs. Justin Gabriel:

The match was about four minutes but it was very enjoyable as Rhodes is a future World Champion in 2012 and Gabriel can be a future US Champion with a push. I enjoyed the match but I would like to see them get more time maybe like 10 minutes on a Smack Down or PPV. I hope Gabriel is getting a push as he was my favorite Nexus member and has done nothing since splitting up from Slater.

  1. Mark Henry puts Teddy Long in His Place:

I also found Mark Henry to be funny when he does not mean to be. Last year we had “my heart doesn’t pump kool aid” & then he went backstage and told Teddy that Sin City Smack Down was the worst idea ever. Teddy tells Henry to spin the wheel but Henry replies with “who you talking to, it your idea so you spin the wheel.” Mark Henry is amazing and the only thing that would make this segment better is if Henry attacked Teddy.

  1. Epico & Primo vs. The Usos in a Tornado Tag Match:

I enjoyed this match as it was fast paced and full of excitement. I think it would be cool to see The Usos become the top baby face tag team as Air Boom is gone because one member flew to high. The match itself was good as it got between 3 – 4 minutes but the fast action made the crowd hot for it and for the Usos.

  1. Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett in a Tables Match:

I actually enjoyed this match as I hope this mini feud will one day turn into a lengthy feud. Sheamus has done nothing since his feud with Christian from October but a feud with Wade would be good for him. The only problem with the match was that Jinder Mahal had to get involved as I understand Sheamus does not lose clean but he does not need to be in this feud, just keep him on Superstars. Thankfully after the match Sheamus put Mahal through a table.

  1. The Dance Contest:

I enjoyed the dance contest so much that I passed out watching Smack Down on Friday that somebody had to call my Momma. It was Brodus Clay against the beautiful cougar Vickie Guerrero. Vickie did a Seinfeld dance which I would have liked Vickie to do something better but Brodus and those two girls danced and the crowd liked them and gave Vickie heat so Brodus won which lead to Vickie crying and Regal coming out to comfort her. Clay ends up challenging Regal to a dance off and calls him a funky chicken which sounds like some other f word. In the end Regal ends a nice pop and Brodus lays him out with a splash ending this enjoyable segment.

  1. The Main Event Angle:

I enjoyed the main event angle as it helped so many angles. It shows Bryan’s heel character’s antics as he escaped when the brawl started. It helps promote the triple threat cage match for the World Title at The Royal Rumble. It helps the AJ angle as Big Show did not show up and of course the biggest angle. It helped promote the Royal Rumble match showing about 30 guys in the ring in one big brawl. Overall it was a very well done angle to end the show.

And now onto the Ugly:

  1. Teddy Long Was On This Show Too Much:

I like Teddy Long but not enough to see him of the show more than twice. The whole Aksana love angle is too much and I hope it does not lead to a marriage because nobody wants to see that. As for next week how bout Teddy comes out once and does what he is good at and making a tag team match.

  1. Everything About The Ted Dibiase vs. Hunico Flag Match:

I do not like this storyline as it is dumb because Hunico is mad about not being invited to a party. I’m not a fan of flag matches either and there is a reason why there are not many in the history of WWE. The match went three minutes long & at least Dibiase got the win but can we please get him better storylines. Also if Ted is really hurt then I hope he gets well soon.

  1. The Drew McIntyre Storyline & The Blindfold Match:

I am not a fan of this Storyline at all as when I heard Drew was on Smack Down that he would be getting a push but he loses every week. This week he lost again to Santino Marella which is the ultimate embarrassment. I do not know why Drew is treated so bad after being proclaimed “The Chosen One” and that he can’t win a TV match. As for the blindfold match I was never a fan of those matches as they are never much action in those bouts. In the end Drew cheated and still lost the match. WWE please stop wasting the talent of McIntyre & push him.


A good Smack Down as the good outweighed the bad. I explained everything above as next week is the last Smack Down before the Royal Rumble & there are rumors Orton might be there. I hope no let him come back to a huge pop in the Rumble match. Also hopefully next week on SD we get a long quality match as SD has not had they lately. The 1/20 Smack Down earns 6 out of 10.

Well that is all everyone until next week let me know what you think of the new format & stay funky.


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