Andrew B’s Wrestling Rewind:Taboo Tuesday 2005

Andrew B is here and it is time for another Wrestling Rewind. Today we will take a look at Taboo Tuesday 2005 from San Diego in the same arena that would later see Undertaker battle Edge in a TLC Match at One Night Stand 2008 & RVD battle Undertaker in a hardcore match from Vengeance 2001. Now we take a look at Taboo Tuesday 2005 which saw a classic cage match between HHH & Ric Flair. Also John Cena and Kurt Angle were in a triple threat match but who did the fans choose as the third person in the match? There is only one way to find out and it is to keep reading.

We get our opening package and we are welcomed to the event by Joey Styles and Jerry Lawler.

Match 1: Snitsky & Chris Masters vs. Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy:

The fans voted for Rey & Hardy and edge was supposed to be in the match but backed out when he found out Hardy was in it. There are 2 refs in the ring, one from Raw and one from SmackDown. Rey and Masters start off but Masters takes control and tags in Snitsky. They make hot tags working on Mysterio but Rey fights back hitting Masters with a hurricanrana and then makes the hot tag to Hardy. Snitsky gets tagged in but Hardy takes them both out. He hits Snitsky with a side effect and pins him for a two. He then goes for a twist of fate on Snitsky but he counters pushing Hardy into the corner. He then goes for a kick but misses and ends up on the top rope. Hardy then hits Snitsky with a superplex. He pins Snitsky for a 2 but Masters comes in and they double team Hardy. Masters gets tagged in and works on hardy while the crowd gets behind Hardy. Hardy fights back but gets hits with a clothesline by Masters. He pins Matt for a 2 then tags in Snitsky. He hits Matt with a suplex and pins him for a 2. He then hits Matt with a spinebuster and tags in Masters. Masters works on Hardy and tags in Snitsky again. Hardy then tags Rey and Masters is in as well. Rey then hits Masters with a dropkick and pins him for a 2. They then double team Rey and put him in the Masterlock. Hardy saves Rey and they throw Masters and Snitsky to the outside. Hardy and Rey then go flying to the outside. They roll Masters in the ring and hit him with a twist of fate, a 619 and a splash for the win.

Winners: Matt Hardy & Rey Mysterio

*** Out of 5: Good match and a decent opener. Hardy and Rey also could have been a great team.

Backstage Mick Foley and Maria have a bad comedy skit.

Match 2: Rob Conway & Tomko vs. Jimmy Snuka & Eugene:

Tomko & Conway are out first and the fans vote for Snuka who comes out second with Eugene. Tomko starts overpowering Eugene who then does some comedy in the ring. Tomko then attacks Eugene and he and Conway make quick tags working on Eugene with Tomko using his strength. Crowd gets behind Eugene who fights back and tags in Snuka. Eugene throws Tomko outside and they double team Conway. Snuka then hits Conway with the Splash for a 3. After the match Tomko attacks them until WWE Legends save them and attack Tomko.

Winners: Jimmy Snuka & Eugene

½ * out of 5: Just a bad tag match. It was dull and you can see why none of them are still with WWE (expect Snuka who retired).

Match 3: Mankind vs. Carlito:

Fans vote for Mankind and we get a video package. Here is the package because I know some people like the promos WWE makes. The link is anyway here is the match. Carlito is out first then Mankind. It starts off with just punches by both men and then Carlito gets thrown outside. Mankind hits him with a neck breaker and then grabs a chair but Carlito tosses him into the steps. He then dropkicks Mankind in the steps and throws him into the ring. Carlito then pins him for a 2 and levels him with punches. He then hits Mankind with an electric chair and pins him for a 2. He then puts Mankind in a sleeper but he fights out and they both hit each other with a clothesline. Mankind then clotheslines them both over the top rope. He then hits Carlito with an elbow off the apron. He then threw Carlito in the ring and pinned him for a 2. Mankind who has a bloody lip now hits Carlito with the DDT. He then pulls out Mr. Socko and Carlito taps out.

Winner: Mankind

** Out of 5: good match and a nice showing by both men. I wish they had a rivalry instead of just one match.

Backstage Eric Bischoff and Mr. McMahon are shown backstage talking about the opening contest and the main event.

Match 4: Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch vs. Kane & Big Show:

Cade & Murdoch are out first then Kane & Show who were voted on by the fans. Match starts outside than Kane works on Cade inside the ring. Murdoch then gets tagged in but his shots have no effect on Kane. Cade and Show get tagged in and Show hits his chops on Cade. Cade pokes Show in the eye and tags Murdoch who walks into two Big Show chops also. Show then steps on Murdoch and tags in Kane while Murdoch tags in Cade. Kane then goes to the top rope but Murdoch pushes him to the outside. They then hit the High Low on Kane and toss him in the ring as Murdoch works on Kane. They then make quick tags working on Kane but he sits up. They then double team Kane until he fights back and tags in Show. Kane tosses Murdoch outside and then they double Chokeslam Cade for the win. After the match Todd Grisham tries to interview Show and Kane but Murdoch interferes and gets a double Chokeslam.

Winners: Kane & Big Show Win the Tag Titles

* Out of 5: Just a normal tag match. Not that much happened and Kane and Show were in control most of the match.

After the match we see Vader, Coach and Goldust talking about the match. We then get a video package for Coach vs. Batista. Here is the package:

Match 5: Coach vs. “The Animal” Batista in a Street fight:

Fans vote street fight and Coach comes out first with Goldust and Vader then Batista comes out. Coach goes to the outside and lets Batista battle Goldust and Vader. They double team Batista buts he fights back hitting Goldust with a Spear. Coach runs in the ring but gets punched by Batista. He then goes to suplex Vader but Goldust hits him with a kendo stick multiple times. Coach then gets a belt (not a title belt but a leather belt) and then hits Batista with it multiple times. Batista then fights back and hits all 3 men with clothesline. He then picks up the belt and whips all 3 men with it. He then hits Vader with a spinebuster and slaps Coach in the face. After he hits Coach with a Batista Bomb for the 3.

Winner: Batista

* Out of 5: I gave it a one because it was enjoyable even though everyone knew the winner before the match started. I liked that Coach had offense even though he had help but it was better than Batista in control winning a quick 30 second match.

Backstage Todd Grisham is interviewing HBK. He says he will be the new WWE champ tonight and Kurt Angle shows up. He says they are 1-1-1 in singles action. He then suggests that they team up tonight so that it comes down to just those 2. HBK says maybe and walks away.

Match 6: Battle Royal for the Women’s Title:

The fans vote for the girls to wear lingerie. This is like heaven 6 divas fighting in lingerie. Anyway the girls are Maria, Victoria, Mickie James, Candice, Trish Stratus, and Ashley. They all look good and they are fighting and Maria is the first one gone. Then Candice is eliminated and we see Mickie James save Trish from elimination multiple times. Ashley is then thrown out next. Then Mickie spears Victoria and they both go out. This makes Trish the winner and still champ. After the match Todd Grisham tries to interview Trish but Mickie keeps interrupting and Mickie did all the talking.

Winner: Trish Stratus Retains Her Title

* Out of 5: It was a decent divas battle royal that was not too long. I loved the outfits you should check this match out. The outfits pushed up the rating a little bit. Also this is why I miss WWE being TV – 14 because we never see these outfits in the TV – PG era.

We then see the San Diego Chargers are in the crowd and get our promo for the IC title match. Here is the promo sorry about the quality but this is all I could find:

Match 7: Ric Flair vs. Triple H in a Steel Cage Match for the Intercontinental Championship:

Fans vote for a steel cage match with HHH out first then Ric Flair is out next. Match starts off with Flair hitting his chops and HHH hitting punches. HHH hits Flair with a knee but Flair fights back only to get hit with a spinebuster. Flair then gets thrown into the cage and starts bleeding. HHH then works on the cut on Flair’s head. He then throws Flair into the cage again as the crowd gets behind Flair. HHH then tries to climb out of the cage but Flair pulls him back in and they both fall on the ropes. HHH then climbs back up and pulls a chain of the cage. Flair fights back but HHH hits him with the chain. HHH is in control but then the ref takes the chain away from HHH. HHH then does a flair strut and locks Flair in the figure four leglock. Flair fight out but HHH mocks him again goes for the figure four leglock again but HHH kicks him into the cage. HHH is now bleeding and Flair takes control hitting him with a suplex. Flair then works on HHH’s left leg and puts HHH in the figure four leglock but HHH throws the ref into Flair and he breaks the hold. Flair then goes to climb the cage but HHH tries to stop him and gets kicked down. Flair then hits him with a clothesline off the top rope and pins him for a 2. Flair then hits HHH with a low blow and asks for the cage door to be open. He then tries to climb out but HHH stops him. Flair brings a chair into the cage though. HHH grabs the chair and goes to hit Flair but Flair grabs his balls. HHH counters though and goes for the pedigree but Flair backdrops him on the chair. He then hits Triple H multiple times with the chair and crawls out the door. After the match the crowd shows respect for both men.

Winner: Ric Flair Retains the Title

**** out of 5: Just a great cage match. These two men have such good chemistry together. This was probably the best cage match and best Intercontinental title match in the last ten years. This is a must see match for any WWE fan.

We then find out that over 6 million people voted for the matches.

Main Event: HBK vs. Kurt Angle vs. John Cena for the WWE Title:

Here is the promo: – and the fans vote HBK in the match. Angle is out first then HBK and then Cena. The match starts with Angle throwing HBK outside and then Kurt working on Cena, Cena fights back hitting Angle with a suplex and not allowing HBK back in the ring. HBK and Angle take out Cena and then Angle gets thrown to the outside. HBK then works on Cena but Cena rolls him up for a 2. Angle then comes back in the ring and hits both men with German suplexes and belly to bellies. Kurt then goes to hit HBK with the angle slam but he counters it but Kurt locks him in the ankle lock. HBK rolls through and Kurt is about to get hit with an FU from Cena but HBK goes to superkick Cena so he drops Kurt and ducks the kick. Cena knocks down HBK and pins him for a 2. Cena then pins Kurt for a 2 and then pins HBK for a 2 again. HBK and Angle then start to double team Cena. They then throw Cena outside the ring and Kurt throws Cena into the steps. HBK and Angle then double suplex Cena through the announcer table. HBK and Angle then fight in the ring with Angle taking control hitting him with a suplex for 2. Angle then locks HBK in the body scissors but he fights out and gets hit with a belly to belly suplex. He then puts HBK on the top rope and goes for a superplex but gets pushed off. Angle then gets up and runs up the turnbuckle hitting HBK with an Angle Slam off the top rope. He then pins HBK for a 2. Kurt then takes down the straps but Superman, I mean Cena comes back in and throws Angle outside. Cena then hits HBK with a backdrop and goes to hit HBK with the 5 Knuckle Shuffle but Angle trips him and pulls him outside. Cena then gets thrown into the crowd by Angle. Angle then turns around and gets hit by HBK with a cross body. HBK then throws Angle in the ring and hits him with punches, clotheslines and an atomic drop. Cena then comes in the ring but HBK hits him with the clothesline and pops up to a big cheer. Angle then hits HBK with a belly to belly suplex over the top rope. He turns around and Cena knocks him down and hits him with a 5 Knuckle Shuffle. He then goes for a FU but Kurt counters and puts Cena in the Ankle lock. HBK then hits Angle with an elbow from the top rope while he has Cena in the Ankle Lock. HBK then hits Angle with the Superkick and then Cena hits HBK with the FU for a 3.

Winner: John Cena Retains His Title AGAIN

**** Out of 5: A great main event which was no surprise since 3 great athletes were in the match.

Overall: A good PPV. It was not great but most of it was good. The only matches that were bad were the tag titles and the Eugene & Snuka vs. Conway & Tomko. I suggest checking out the opening match, Carlito vs. Mankind (which was decent), the street fight because it was entertaining not for the match. The diva battle royal is good just for the outfit. The last two matches which were the cage and the triple threat were great as they were both **** matches and should be checked out. I give Taboo Tuesday 2005 7 out of 10.



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