John Mayer:An Independent Point Of View

When people think of wrestling they think of the WWE or TNA. But when I think wrestling I also think about the little indy feds all around the world. For the most part all the wrestlers we see on TV came from a little independent fed. Recently I was able to talk to Jonathan Rodriguez who is the owner of Deep Impact Wrestling which is a new indy fed which is based out of New York.

John Mayer: Thank you for taking the time out to talk to me. Tell me about the DIW.

Jonathan Rodriguez: No problem JP. Its time to spread the word about Deep Impact Wrestling to a broader audience. DIW is a new independent wrestling promotions with talents from all over the east coast. DIW will make a big impact on the indy scene and be well known very quickly.

JM: How many wrestlers do you currently have on your roster?

JR: Currently I have about 35 wrestlers signed to DIWs debut show. But that number will be changing a lot due to the fact that i’m still in talks with other superstars.

JM: Who are your current champions?

JR: Currently DIW is without any champions since this will be our first in ring show. We will crown first ever DIW Tag Team Champions at the first event. And also down the line we will crown our first ever DIW Champion and DIW East Coast Champion.

JM: Where are your shows going to be located?

JR: Our first show will be in April of 2012. The exact date will be announced New Years Day. The events will take place in Daro’s Gyn located at 1123 Close Ave in BX, NY.

JM: Tell us about the changes coming to DIW.

JR: Well the changes are simple DIW will simply be the fastest up and coming fed in independent wrestling. We got talents from all over the indys and also some of the most incredible rookies in training. The roster continues to grow and there are only big things in store for DIW and encourage everyone to come out to the BX for our premiere shows. Tickets will be just $10 and I guarantee it will be the best $10 you spend.

JM: You wrestle as “The Superstar Of All Superstars” Jon Punn tell us about him.

JR: Yes I do wrestle as “The Superstar of All Superstars” Jon Punn. My character is a very confident and cocky individual that thinks he is better than everyone despite his size. He is quick in the ring and very powerful. I don’t want to give away too much to the fans. To find out more about me and the entire DIW roster be sure to like the Deep Impact Wrestling facebook page to find out our major announcement on Jan. 1st 2012.

JM: Where can we find the DIW online?


I want to thank Jonathan again for taking the time out to talk to me and I expect big things to come out of the DIW in 2012.


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31 year old wrestling fan and writer
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